‘Irresponsible’ agronomists behind rotten seeds, late manure delivery

Marie Immaculee Ingabire, the Chairperson of Transparency International Rwanda says that, some farmers are given rotten seeds due to agronomists who seem to be corruption-oriented. They are behind delaying manure delivery, with seeds which do not match the soil in the region,because they’re interested in other affairs related to corruption.

Ingabire says that agronomists keep themselves busy with corruption-oriented businesses like during forest harvesting, disorder in construction while others keep their eyes on manure targetting money rather than farmers’ interests, resulting to public suffering from mediocre harvest.

She spoke to Radio Rwanda, through the talk show called ‘Isesenguramakuru'(analysis) aired on Saturday March 4th, 2017 where she wonders how an employee like this remains in the position for more than 5 years.


Farmers of maize in Rusizi and Nyamasheke encountered loss, with fake seeds Hybrid H629, which does not match with the soil there. It took more than 5 months while others take 3 to grow.

Corruption in agronomists was also mentioned by PM Anastase Murekezi. During the closing ceremony of Itorero in Huye last year, where over 1000 farmer facilitators countrywide were trained, Premier Anastase Murekezi raised the issue of corrupt agronomists as, where he warned both agronomists and veterinaries as well anyone who target profits from public policies to carry honesty with them in what they do.

Murekezi revealed that some local authorities use all possible strategies to take the grants away from the reserved public by using their fake signatures as if they reached the beneficiaries.

He said, “I heard that there are some who sign in place on beneficiaries, using footprints so that they cannot be identified to successfully take away the public funds”

The corruption issue lies not only on agronomists but also on veterinaries where Dr, Jean Bosco Rusanganwa recently said that the veterinaries spend almost their time in offices instead of going to field to visit the farmers to hear their problems in animal rearing.

Some veterinaries are said to ask farmers corruption called ‘Akanozangendo'(transport fees) before taking care of their ‘suffering’ cow, goat or so where it may even die because they missed the corruption asked.

Speeding agro-farming services towards farmers by timely distributing manure and seeds to increase the harvest is one of 4 bold decisions taken during the 13th National Leadership Retreat which are yet to reach their satisfaction.

The RGB scorecard 2016 reveals that agricultural services provided to farmers are still mediocre.

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