Kabgayi: Bishop Mbonyintege unveils his views on the quality of education

“The quality of education relies on the proximity between the educator and the child,” says Bishop Smaragde Mbonyintege of Kabgayi Diocese, while inaugurating building of Saint Andrew Gitarama School.

Bushop Mbonyintege reveals his interior regarding the notion of “Quality” in terms of education. In his view, it should not be limited to only the success of subjects learned in the classroom. “It is the whole complex that takes into account the priorities of society and the needs of the learner”, he believes. All in all, this whole must be intrinsically initiated with cultural and positive values such as respect and love of others, devotion and leadership.

This implies, for the Bishop, the consensus and the combination of the efforts of all the stakeholders of Education. “Parents, teachers, children and the education system as a whole,” he says.

He also urges parents to take responsibility for their children’s upbringing and decent education. “Without conscious families, responsible for their duty, our efforts would fail,” he says.

The parents and Muhanga district agree on collaboration

The Chairman of the Parents’ Committee of the Saint Andrew Gitarama School, Maurice Ndayambaje, says good quality of the education results from close collaboration. He urges parents to be closer to children, avoiding being too busy. “Teachers’ efforts will bear no fruit if parents do not get close to their children. They have to find that time, “says Ndayambaje

On the same occasion, Muhanga District Mayor Béatrice Uwamariya, welcomes the mutual collaboration which the school shows. “We are proud to have this school that excels because of the close relationship between parents, teachers and children.” She says, while addressing a certificate of merit to the school.

“Each parent would like their children to study in a school where classroom lessons are mixed to cultural and moral values through close proximity between the child and the educator. Alas! The means, especially the pecuniary ones sometimes fail”, reveals Nsabimana Alphonse, the local inhabitant.

The St Andrew Gitarama School is a private school of the Diocese of Kabgayi since 2002. It currently has 1,036 pupils, 307 in the kindergarten and 729 in the primary cycle.

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