Kagame draws red line for female human trafficking

President Paul Kagame wants girls trafficking to be completely over and warns the general community that to fight such illegal and evil business.

Speaking at the 3rd RPF’s National Women Assembly last week, he emphasized on the girls’ trafficking inststing that it should not be taken as a joke.

He said, “Young girls are being sold around like bananas and we are taking it like a joke when we talk about it, but it is should be like that because they are really in trouble, it should no longer be a joke”

“We should always fight such business because we are different from the past generations where human beings were being sold on kilos. RPF will not tolerate it as we are fighting for the dignity of our people”

The fact that most children who are being sold to the black market, get trapped by telling them that they are going to get whatever they need, Kagame said, “ I think they lie to them that they are going to be taken to heaven where they would get all they need, but it is totally a lie. Young girls should not be promised donations they can achieve on their own and with their own hands. Fight for the best with your own hands and skills. That’s how development is won”


Kagame also talked of girls from Secondary and Universities who cross the borders out of the the country to practice prostitution and said, “What’s good from prostitution? Is it really among good values that we should expect from a secondary or university girl. But why do their parents stand for it and always think it’s something worth tolerance? Why? We need to change our mindset and stop this. Enough is enough”

Since 2009 until 2014, Rwanda National Police has intercepted 153 human trafficking cases, including those of people brought in Rwanda and those who are taken out of the country for sale. The interception was done 36 times, where 50 women were brought back from Pakistan in a single round.

Most of girls taken away from Rwanda face either forced marriages or physical activities leading to death as revealed by Police’s Central Intelligence Department report of October 8th, 2014

Office To Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons’ report released in 2016 states that Rwanda has been turned into a main way for female and kids’ human trafficking for business purposes.

The trafficking is done in Rwanda and out of the country to sell them in Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Dubai, Malaysia, China and across Europe with Burundian refugee exodus ranked top of the main cause.

Police in Rwanda arrested a Kenyan who was going to sell 12 Burundians abroad but he was insisting he was going to find a job for them

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