Kagame’s pressure pushed Habyarimana escape to nowhere

Former Rwanda Army Forces (Ex-FAR) and President Juvenal Habyarimana who was also head of the National army had long worked under Kagame’s conditions during the Liberation war until they lost the battle.

The battle started in Kagitumba in former Umutara Province, but Rwanda Ptriotic Army (RPA) was shifting battle points while FAR was followed them, fighting the informal war, but fought basing on the way RPF-Inkotanyi designed battle.

The liberation war started on October 1st 1990 and was shaped by different periods as recalled Defense Minister Gen James Kabarebe while speaking to trained Journalists (Impamyabigwi II) in Nkumba last month.

He said that RPA troops won the battle because they were fighting for a purpose, besides Kagame’s outstanding leadership during the battle as he was interrupting Habyarimana and his troops every single minute until they won.

Habyarimana under ex- RPA commander’s increasing pressure

Gen Kabarebe says some of his partners in battle were killed by ex-FAR, including the country super hero Gen Fred Gisa Rwigema, because it was too difficult to escape for enemy protection as the battle ground was too wide open.

The FAR warriors were well trained and well equipped with enough and good equipment to win the battle comparing to the RPA’s troops who had not enough skills in fighting, but Kagame’s lone skills pursued in the USA were motivating until FAR lost ground to the battle.

He says, “of course Habyarimana and his troops were too strong to beat but since Kagame’s arrival from US motivated RPA until they beat the FAR troops”

FAR behind RPA

“Kagame took his troops to Ruhengeri and Habyarimana did, when we left the place, Habyarimana took his troops back, when we dug the hide in Muvumba, Habyarimana also did”

RPA shifted the battle to former Byumba Province and FAR followed them but they were not shooting, they only followed them.

“This completely means that Habyarimana was under Kagame control,” reveals Gen Kabarebe.

Following RPA wherever they were going became the right card to defeat FAR, who completely lost the fight.


RPA was fighting during the nights, especially in the Northern region, home to humid and very cold atmosphere but insisted patiently because they were aware of what they were fighting for until they won the battle

“The life condition were too miserable, we were less equipped, and they were too many and strong to fight and defeat but the fact that were fighting for a true reason, we were motivated and won the battle” Gen Kabarebe added

The troops were so disciplined, loyal, good decision making, creativity and fighting for the truth, which led RPA reach its target where they broke into Kigali on July 4th, and liberated the country.

During Genocide against the Tutsi, FAR brought danger to RPA troops as they would tempt to put different explosions where RPA troops used to pass by but they managed to escape their danger.

He said, “They thought they would freely execute their long mission of Genocide without any interruption, they tried to kill us at our hide base and kill those who were in the CND”

Kagame sacrificed to bet his life on the country’s people

Since the battle started, Kagame, who had the rank of Major when he was pursuing studies in the US, was one of the most respected soldiers in both Uganda and RPA’s army, but he put aside the honor he deserved and started the liberation war.

Gen Kabarebe “Kagame’s leadership changed everything and was key to winning the battle”

He reveals that losing Gen Rwigema made RFP-Inkotanyi’s troops lose hope given how tought the battle was, but since hearing that Kagame was on his way to join them, they became so motivated and gained hope again that they could even defest the enemy because they already knew his fighting spirit.

During Genocide against the Tusti, Kagame asked UN to stop Genocide or RPA make immediate intervention and stop it themselves. Also asked FAR troops to stop Genocide, and join them for whoever was convinced by his objectives and warned the global community to forget about making intervention if they appear to be against RPF-Inkotanyi’s mission.

Concerning how the battle was won, Kabarebe said, “If you conduct a research on this fight victory, with reference to Kagame’s current governance, you get 80 per cent of the total information on how the liberation war was won”

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