Karongi: Uwirinze and her four kids in a miserable life

Esperance Umubyeyi, a mother of four children, is in a tireless fight with life struggles since 2008, where it even reaches the stage to which she can hardly get something to eat or a place to stay with her kids, who are also struggling to go to school like others as she cannot satisfy them with the food while she sometimes lacks what to feed them.

Umubyeyi’s family currently stays in Josi Village, Gitarama, Cell, Bwishyura Sector in Karongi District.

They live in a three-room door-free house, and anybody can enter the house and get whatever they want and leave as a result.

She can luckily appeal for nothing because she has nothing in the house, except the jerry cans she uses while collecting water for neighbors for cash.

What is sadder is that they sleep over been wastes covered by a small sheet but they do not forget to sleep in a mosquito net, at least to be able to fight the mosquitoes which easily break into the house because it does not get closed during the night.

Uwirinze says her miserable life affects her children’s studies due to going to school without eating.

She says, “Honestly, we have eaten salt-less food last night, and I have no hope to get something to eat today (3pm). Our life is obviously on the line because no one can even trust me and give me something to eat so I can pay him back after some days. When I get an even little per time job, we eat, when I miss out on it, it is clear that we do not eat and we get patient looking forward to the next day”

She says that the sector rent a house for her in 2015 but they only paid the rental for only a month and they stopped. She kept paying the rental but she failed because she did not have enough money and returned to the house she now stays in.

“ they took me and gave me food and rented a house for me and when the house owner asked me to pay the rental for the following month, I failed and I ran out of the food I used to get, then I decided to return here instead of dying in that house,” she reveals.

Andre Twabuntu, the Executive Secretary of Bwishyura Sector, says the local administration is going to work together to address Uwirinze’s issues.

“let her know that know that I am coming to see her life condition and do a kind of community service for her and build a house for her. I will have to talk to the cell (Gitarama) administration or come myself. I am surely going to get involved in this case to find the solution”

Drocella Mukashema, the Vice- Mayor of Karongi District in charge of social affairs, said they are going to make sure Uwirinze’s case is successfully addressed.

She said,” honestly, I was not aware of the case, the only thing I am going to do is putting pressure on the sector Executive Secretary until her problem is solved”

In terms of Ubudehe category, Uwirinze is classified in the 3rd category while she does not have a house. Vice Mayor Mukashema said her category might have been given when she was still with her husband before he left her with her children.

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