Kayonza: ‘Confused’ qualified candidates appeal for their job posts

Some of the candidates who sat public service exams are confused. They claim  no idea about  next step, since they succeeded the exams waiting for the official appointments on the succeeded respective posts.

Some of them told that the exams’ results were published but the district staff   told them to find all documents required by the district before their job appointments but ended up missing out on the jobs they succeeded for.

An unidentified candidate said, “There were 40 vacancies in the district’s education sector to be contested for. We sat the exams and some of us succeeded but we missed out on the posts since then”.

Another unidentified candidate who came first in the job exam claims he has been waiting for a job appointment call but missed out among the candidates who were called for a job at the post he has applied for.

He said, “I was so confident that I would get the job having succeeded the exams with first grades but I ended up missing out”

They want responsible local authorities to help them address this issues and get the jobs they succeeded for.

Talking to the media, it seemed Jean Claude Murenzi, the Mayor of Kayonza District had no clear answer to the issue but advised those who succeeded the exams to meet him personally for peaceful talks about the issue.

He said, “I would like those who did the exams to come and see me at my office to discuss and see how the problem should be addressed”.

It is not the first time such issues regarding public service job recruitments in education sector have happened in Kayonza District as the same mistakes happened in the previous exams and seen some of the district staff members put in jail but were finally back on their jobs.

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