Kayonza: Two directors of education arrested over recruitment malpractices

Two directors in charge of education in Kayonza District have been arrested over gross malpractices. This was unearthed by investigations into the recent recruitment of teachers in the district.

Monday Feb 27th, Xavier Francois Bizimana, the District Education Officer (DEO) and Charles Namara Mugabo, the director in charge of secondary,Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) were arrested. Some applicants have raised complaints towards REB, claiming that they had passed the interviews, yet their names had been omitted from the list of successful candidates. REB reported the matter to police for immediate investigations.

RNP spokesperson in Eastern Province, IP Emmanuel Kayigi, said that during investigations, the duo had allegedly altered the results in favor of “majority candidates who had failed.”

“The district was recruiting 62 teachers, and as a normal process, supervisors corrected the tests right at the venue, and results indicating both successful and unsuccessful candidates were submitted to the two district directors, who were in charge,” said IP Kayigi.

“But it later emerged that the results submitted by supervisors were different from those received by REB, which were actually forwarded by the suspects. During the ongoing investigations and physical evaluation, we have found out that examination papers of 32 candidates who had initially failed the interviews, were altered in their favor,” he added.

Preliminary investigations indicate that on some answer sheets, one of the unsuccessful candidates had scored 9 %, but the marks were altered by adding digit 6 to make it 96%. Another one who had scored 33 % was in the final submitted list given 93%.

It is said that the two directors were soliciting between Rwf200, 000 and Rwf300, 000 from each candidate that was unlawful put on the list of successful teachers.

“We appeal to the general public to stand up for their rights. You have a right to reclaim if you feel you are not satisfied with a certain service. When you make it your point to say no to corruption and report anyone involved, you will be supporting the political will, the constitution and the police efforts to stamp out the vice,” Kayigi said.

“Imagine a situation where teachers recruited are not qualified and not up to the task; that means we will be killing the education system and producing incompetent manpower.”

“Corruption is zero tolerance in Rwanda; it’s a leadership policy with determination and momentum to deal with this vice at any level and regardless of who the culprit is. We call upon the public to come forward and expose such individuals.”

“There are three criminal aspects involved; forgery as stipulated under articles 609 and 611 of the penal code; corruption as stated under article 634, and making a decision based on favoritism, friendship, hatred or nepotism under article 647,” said Kayigi.

Article 611 says “If a public servant or any other person in charge of public service counterfeits a document in the exercise of his/her duties, he/she shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of seven (7) years to ten (10) years and a fine of five hundred thousand (500,000) and five million (5,000,000) Rwandan francs.

Article 634 is on demanding or receiving illegal benefit in order to offer a service. The punishment is imprisonment of two (2) years to five (5) years and a fine of two (2) to ten (10) times the value of the illegal profit solicited.

While 647 is about making a decision based on favoritism, friendship, hatred or nepotism,

where the person is subject to a term of imprisonment of one (1) year to three (3) years and a fine of three hundred thousand (300,000) to two millions (2,000,000) Rwandan francs.

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Jean Baptiste Karegeya

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1 Comment


    03/02/2017 at 7:09 am

    These Educational officials in Kayonza district must face trial and get punishment, people should work in transparency and justice, I’sure Police is investigating deeply. These Kayonza education leaders do not have social value required to be the leader, that our country deserves.Accountability, quality services, Transparency, Decision making, Hardworking,Discipline,service togetherness, delivery should be every one’s guiding values.

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