Keep your dog indoor, the Police warns

The Rwanda Police calls upon owners of dogs to take appropriate measures to control and prevent them from roaming in communities where they are likely to cause insecurity.

The call follows many incidents where stray dogs killed goats and disturbed security in several parts of the country.

Last week in Mageragere Sector of Nyarugenge District, Kigali City, stray dogs killed 24 goats in two separate moments. The same week, the same incident, the same number of goats were killed in Eastern Province, Kirehe district, in sector Mushikiri. Earlier this month, in Bushekeri sector of Nyamasheke in West, dogs killed 5 goats, leaving people afraid for younger children staying at home, during working times.

The spokesman of Police in Kigali says, “We are investigating to identify owners of the dogs to take the right course of action. There are clear laws under which a dog should be handled,” SP Emmanuel Hitayezu.

He adds that dogs are said to be causing rabies, though any one owning a dog, is required to keep it indoor or leash it when walking with it.

“Under no circumstances should a dog be left to roam in communities unattended; it must be under full control of its owner or chained and held by an accountable and mature person”, SP Hitayezu says.

The ministerial order No. 009/11.30 of 18/11/2010 on animal husbandry especially in its articles 7, 8 and 9 underlines the requirements and procedures to own a dog, penalties to owners of abandoned dogs and action taken against stray dogs.

Article 7 says that each dog must carry a leather collar fitted with a numbered medal, and the owner shall ensure routine and annual immunization of dog against rabies.

Article 8, For any impounded dog, food expenses are fixed on five thousand Rwandan francs (5,000 RWF) per day and the period of time to claim it is fixed at three (3) days.

Article 9: Wherever stray dogs without owners are found, they shall be shot down by the veterinary authorities with the assistance of the Police.

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