Kicukiro: Children in misery after their mother’s arrest

Residents from Nyarugunga Sector in Kicukiro, are calling sector authorities to take care of parent-free children’s rights, following the arrest of their mother, Sonabeli Abiya, who is a suspect for smuggling drugs.

They claim that the children’s mother was arrested on Tuesday last week, leaving her house closed and resulting to these children missing where to stay since her arrest.

They’re five children and the oldest among them is only 8 years old. They get meal from their mother’s neighbor, who keep them clean too. Grace Tuyisenge is the neighbor, worrying of security of these homeless kids. “Kids are don’t have security, any danger can occur over night. The sector authorities are possibly not interested in their life, since their mother was arrested none has come to visit these kids”, she argues on Royal TV.

One resident staying in the arrested woman’s houses witnessed that she has been trying her best to take care of these children together with her own children. She wonders however about their future life if their mother remains in prison as she has limited means.

Neighbors are aware her drug deals, that she would be found guilty, but remain confused about the future of her children and their rights, too.

Women drug dealers always expose kids

The sector authorities say the woman is held at the sector Police station having arrested her for selling ‘Kanyanga’, and warns that leaving children once arrested would not be a reason anybody else who do such illegal business should give.

According to Genevieve Uwamahoro, it is a new trick for arrested women. Abeyi has been arrested once up on time, and got free under children pity.

“Last time, she was arrested, all of her kids slept at police station, and she was released the following day. Some women borrow kids from neighbors and bring them so that they are released, this time Abeyi will not get that chance”, says Uwamahoro, ES Nyarugunga.

She added that her office is going to take care of the children. “No one will lack food, their security is up to us. By the way they have their father, but we ignore his traces. We will try to find him wherever he is”.

According to the authorities of Nyarugunga Sector, women in this sector usually come up with a trick that they have children to take care of when arrested, where even those who don’t have children lend them in order to be released.

Women nowadays are becoming more and more involved in drug dealing issues, as police caught other three in Nyarugenge, two in Kicukiro and this third, while they should strive for values. According to Nadine Umutoni Gatsinzi, PS  in Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion, dealing in narcotic drugs is criminal, causing insecurity to societies, destroying families, and therefore affecting behaviors of children.

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