Kigali City stakeholders join efforts for sustainable security


Mayor of the City of Kigali, Pascal Nyamurinda says that inclusiveness between security institutions, private security firms and the people builds a strong bond in the face of emerging threats to development.

Mayor Pascal Nyamurinda made the remarks yesterday while meeting managers of security companies and owners of commercial facilities. There were also heads of security in hotels, financial institutions and big buildings in Kigali.

The meeting aimed at streamlining and implementing strategies and plans related to security, in order to secure public places from any threats. It also discussed challenges and best practices between public and private security providers in order to curtail all security threats including international terrorism.

On behalf of Police, the meeting was attended by the Commissioner for Counter-terrorism in ACP Denis Basabose and ACP Rogers Rutikanga, the Central Region Police Commander (RPC).

Security, unbroken chain

The mayor said that public safety is a “chain that must not be broken but strengthened by all stakeholders.”

Namurinda asked the audience to always take precautionary measures such as inspection, supervise security guards and acquire appropriate security tools.

ACP Basabose urged them to have an integrated security system on all public buildings, which is an all-round model that will counter or minimize any security threats.

ACP Basabose challenged security managers from private security companies to continuously improve and be innovative to always be ahead of potential rogue elements who may have ill motives of causing insecurity.

He asked security managers to regularly make physical security assessments of their premises and where possible seek support from experts including the police.

“All public buildings need to obtain a security certification before they are occupied,” he emphasized.

He also castigated the habit of employing fake companies who deploy unprofessional guards. Some of these guards are sleeping, and this is a risk.

ACP Rutikanga, on his part, called for more vigilance and alertness from security guards, which he observed it needs improvement. “Some guards don’t observe the basic security procedures at check-points,” the RPC said. He noted that “terrorism is real” urging them to be serious in the security tasks.

Participants are convinced and determined to take majors, and save security. These include Robert Musonera and Aloys Rubayiza both from hotels institutions in Kigali.

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