Kigali: Journalists escaped while investigating reality at Rwigara’s

Four rwandan journalists under international newspapers and news radio, escaped arrest, while they were in investigation of the realities Rwigara’s. An unknown guy told them to stay there, and he called for a van. They took motobikes one by one and ran away.

It was in the afternoon of Friday 1st September 2017 ,  while four journalists (Yvan Mugisha of The East African , Eric Bagiruwubusa of VOA, John Williams Ntwali of Ireme Newspaper and Bob Robert Mugabe of Great lakes voice), went at Rwigara’s in Kiyovu.

There investigating the reality on Diane Rwigara’s case(whether she is home or not, whether the family is there or not), but  were challenged. The challenges were communicated through the SMS on internet to share with RMC, the Police and others on line.

Ntwali John Williams Yesterday at 3:56pm ·

We finally escape, using motorcycles, but we are not sure if we are safe yet! @Rwandapolice, @MugabeBob, @RMC_Rwanda, @UrugwiroVillage

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Ntwali John Williams Yesterday at 3:38pm ·

Journalists spent about 5 hrs near Rwigara’s home, to get any update on family unrest. Now,they’re trying to escape, running away one by one

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Ntwali John Williams Yesterday at 3:24pm ·

Les quatres journalists sont: Mugisha (East African), Bagiruwubusa (Voice of America), Mugabe (Great Lakes), Williams (Ireme News)

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Ntwali John Williams Yesterday at 3:21pm

MAINTENANT: Un agent de Garde Presidentielle dit à 4 journaliste qu’ils son’t en état d’arrestation, à la résidence de la famille #Rwigara

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These journalists explain that they spent 5 hours at Rwigara ‘ s home finding the truth about the family members  arrest or not as the Police denied this information on Twesday.

In the interview with, Ntwali John Williams, one of these journalists said: “While we were there after hours, a person come and asked who we are, Mugisha replied that we were journalists. He asked again why we were there because he had seen us for a long time ”…

Ntwali continues and say that the person told them to stay at the place.   “That person called upon others (unkown)and order them to come with a van to carry us immediately. We thought it was a joke. We started to write SMS. Immediately another person came and pinpoint the idea of bringing a van for our transport all of us ″…added Mugisha

He also added that “While waiting for the van, we discovered that they were not joking, we started to walk stealfully because we had seen that they did not have cuffs to use. And everybody rush to take the Moto to escape….″

He ended by saying that “We rush to leave the place, we do not know what would be next, but now we are safe”.

Asked where his companions are, he replied “I do not know where because everybody rushed to save himself and everybody leave alone″….

With the reason to spend many hours in this home, Mugisha replies: “we were waiting for the information because the watchman has told us to wait for the Rwigaras come back. We wanted to see them, we were afraid that they could arrive being tired and this cannot be easy for us to have an interview with them, we left their home while none was not yet there”.

However, the watchman revealed that people come at Rwigara’s and take them, and bring them back at a given time.

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