Kigali- Leeds: Violette Uwamahoro released and back in UK

Violette Uwamahoro, a british-rwandan woman was arrested in Rwanda last month, but now she has been released and went back to UK. She lives at Leeds, her husband Faustin Rukundo is a partisan of a political party (RNC), opposed to Kigali government but working in exile.

According to BBC News, Violette Uwamahoro was granted bail last month by a court which ruled that her detention over charges of spreading state secrets was not warranted.

Her arrest while in Rwanda for a family funeral caused an uproar, with rights groups calling for her release. Her family wanted the UK to intervene, saying she faced an “unfair” trial, and it is unclear whether her return to Britain was facilitated by the British, BBC News reports.

A spokesperson for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said last month that consular staff in Kigali were in touch with local authorities over Mrs Uwamahoro’s detention. Addition to that, her two kids (Samuel of 8years and David of 10) wrote a letter to both British Prime Minister, Theresa May, and President Kagame begging their mother’s release, as she was also pregnant.

On 27 March, the Leeds youth worker appeared in court in Rwanda’s capital Kigali, where her lawyers argued for her release.

The judge decided there was no evidence which suggested the expectant mother should remain in detention, ordering her release on bail.

Uwamahoro’s husband Faustin Rukundo, who lives in exile in the UK, was adamant she was being victimised for his role as an opposition activist.

She has been arrested while she came to attend her father’s funeral, but Police had announced she was suspected of involvement in conspiracy and mobilizing people to join criminal squads.

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