Kigali: New PM swears in, the cabinet tomorrow

Three hours after the appointment of new Rwandan Prime minister, Dr. Edouard Ngirente has just sworn in this afternoon to parliamentarians and President Paul Kagame.

I, Ngirente Edouard, do solemnly swear that I will: Remain loyal to the Republic of Rwanda, observe and defend the constitution and other laws, diligently fulfill responsibilities entrusted to me, preserve peace and national sovereignty, consolidate national unity, never use the powers conferred upon me for personal interest, strive for the interests of all Rwandans. Should I fail to honour this oath, may I be subjected to the rigours of the law. So help me God”.

This is the oath of the new Prime Minister, Dr Edouard Ngirente,  before he enters on the Execution of his Office.

In his speech, Kagame thanked Ngirente who quickly accepted his appointment and understood his mission. “The rest is implementation, I promise him to work closely as a team.”  He said “It requires skills and knowledge, I promise that everything will be fine.”

The president also thanked the outgoing PM, Astase Murekezi and promised him another post for in terms of a great work that he did. He also said “ you can  fail here and succeed elsewhere, Murekezi will be appointed to another post, rather that prime minister”.

Kagame, who says that he does not have much to say today, promises that  the new cabinet will be nominated  tonight , and will swear in the tomorrow Thursday.
However, he warns that some will not be reconducted as usual. “There will be males and females in this new cabinet.” We cannot please everyone at 100%, but the main thing is that the Rwandans have a government that will be fruitful for them. He also reminds that the 30% quota of women will be respected as provided by law.

Paul Kagame was re-elected for his third term on August 4, and was sworn in on 18th of the same month. According to the law, he has 15 days to appoint the prime minister, and 15 to set up a government. Fortunately the two steps will be made before the first September.

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