Kigali on the right track to become a Smart City

Rwanda’s capital City, Kigali, is on a good direction of becoming a Smart City reference to the technological activities already implemented in the City, including a strong and fast widespread internet wireless which is obviously contributing to the country’s development.

The city has understandably been setting an improved rural and urban settlement policy implementation, like construction of different buildings known as ‘gratte ciel; as well as the recently introduced affordable housing policy implementation around the city and the construction of new roads although there are still areas which are still facing disorder in settlements are being addressed.

This part of the country’s attempt to quickly recover from the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi which saw immense loss of infrastructures countrywide which were destroyed where Kigali is leading the in the rebuilding process.

The current view of Kigali amazing not only people in the city but different visitors from different parts of the world.   The city in connected to a smart fast 4G internet, which being used in different big institutions around the globe like MYICT Minister Jean Philbert Nsengimana recently told French newspaper ‘Le Monde’ during the Transform Africa summit which is concluding today in Kigali.

Nsengimana insists Transform Africa Summit has transformed Kigali and put it on a right track and a bright vision, since the summit was introduced in 2013.

He says, “The first outcome is that Kigali is connected to internet, people are enjoying a free WIFI at different public places, in buses and in hotels among others and each of the city areas is connected to internet broadband of 500 kilometers”

Thanks to the internet, people in the city are now able to do their everyday job using this internet and can access different services easily like paying taxes, construction permits, land property, birth certificates and more while they also find it easy to get updated information on their properties.

Another thing is facilitating people updated information on affordable housing and other infrastructures through a technological platform known as Smart City Kigali  which took at least 10 years to get it ready.

The future of Kigali……

Smart technology has seen Kigali a step forward after the country has adopted cashless economy where people are rarely facing the loss of their money which is now safe thanks to the introduction of the use of visa cards.

Even in transport, Kigali has adopted green transport which passengers use their transport cards where they tap and pay for a ride, a move that Minister Nsengimana has said it is soon going to be expanded in rural transport.

“We are currently trying to help restaurants and hotel managements to start using cashless payments system and we will expand them to different supermarkets and some small shops in the city quarters,” Nsengimana said.

ICT-based economy in Rwanda

Asked why Transform Africa 2017 Summit was themed ‘Smart Cities’, he said that it was attributed to President Kagame’s vision on Rwanda and on the African Continent in general.

He said, “Kagame’s vision is digitial-based transformation of African development in different sectors including fast growing public movement in the cities to maintain economic welfare thanks to

Rwanda, too, has reached such transformations owing to technology given where Kigali has become a Smart City and is willing to share its experience to the rest of African countries.

This will be implemented reference to Smart Cities Blue Print that Rwanda is expect to launch to help African countries city council Mayors in their city transformation policy implementation process.

Minister Nsengimana insisted that Kigali is among the cities whose standards put them at the level of Smart Cities, thanks to ICT , the way … are processed , infrastructures, security, ICT-based fast service delivery, urban planning system as well as environment management among many more.

The Transform Africa Summit 2017, held in Kigali, Rwanda, focussed on the development of Smart Cities in Africa. It has brought together over 4000 participant from 18 African countries. Introduced by President Paul Kagame, the summit was organized as a platform through which different resolutions can be decided for future implemention towards ICT-based development of the African continent.

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