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Kigali: “Twelve mistakes” in a “five sentence” announcement

An announcement in English from Kacyiru sector brought controversies over the writers and readers. The letter of only 5 sentences contains 12 mistakes, which make writers literacy doubtful.

-not allowed to use the child under 18

-no allowed to sell alcohol under 18

-stop using Noise pollution, it makes people of Rwanda to be stable

The announcement was written and signed by Kacyiru sector leaders, in Gasabo district, Kigali city. According to Ukwezi.com, 12 mistakes in one paragraph is too much, although Executive Secretary who signed it rejects the writing.

The announcement was about preventing children under 18 years old in pubs, bars, night clubs and lodges. It was warning owners to care about that. However, considering English mistakes in this announcement, people are criticizing it, while it was published by leaders, thus doubting on their literacy.

Besides, people ask why the announcement was not in Kinyarwanda, the language of leaders, children, parents, bars’ owners and customers.

Patricia Murekatete denies her responsibility, apart from her signature, but says it was written by Emmanuel Rugambage, who was acting as charged of notarial services.

English, new language under process of learning

On behalf of the writer, Emmanuel Rugambage, he recognizes language mistakes. “before publishing it, I myself noticed mistakes, but the secretary told me that English is new language, that all of us are beginners in learning”, he says to Ukwezi.com.


Emmanuel Rugambage agrees that Kinyarwanda announcement was also important, but the intention was to address pubs owners who only use English.

Gasabo ditrict is one of 3 district of Kigali city, whose Vice Mayor of economic development, Raymond Chretien Mberabahizi, has recently warned population against trusting media, saying “media is not able to advocate, as their cannot advocate for themselves”. This Vice Mayor was Executive Secretary of Kinyinya in 2014 before he was  elected for a promotion. He was referring to media poverty.

Rwanda has adopted English language as medium of education since 2009, while most of government staff had already left schools. Most of aged civil servants are learning while in office, in evening classes or recruit home teachers.

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