Kigali:  Working for the country never mean high position, new PM

The Prime Minister of the new Cabinet of Rwanda Dr Ngirente Edouard said that he is proud of being appointed to the post of the head of New Cabinet. In his speech, he promise to Rwandans to work closely with them so as to arrive at a good results.

After he being sworn in to this post on Wednesday August,2017, the new Prime Minister demonstrated that he is proud of being appointed in his native country. This took place in parliament house at Kimihurura in his interview with RBA.

Dr Ngirente announced that he is ready to be responsible of the post and said “I am proud of this post. And when you are appointed in your country you feel happy.”

He promised to the new cabinet to work as a team and share views. He thought also to gain experience from the outgoing team and the new nominated.

He added “ we will consult His Excellence Perezida to give guide lines that could help us in our activity”.

Asked whether he was surprised with this post, Dr NGIRENTE replied« when you are proud of your native country, you are proud to work for its development. And worked in different domains such as being a teacher, an agent in a Ministry and an agent in World bank, I did not plan  for those domains. This means that you cannot plan for your future job but you have to work for your country and help the population”.

He promised to Rwandans and requested them to share view.

« What I can say here with Rwandans citizens and the Cabinet we have to work as a team with a team spirit to ensure the sustainable development of our country because we are all concerned with the Vision of our country. We will work closely and reach so far  as possible as we can.»

Ngirente is aged  of 44 years old and he is married, he has been a lecturer for a long time in University of Rwanda.

He joined the World Bank six years ago as an Advisor to the Executive Director in charge of 22 African countries, including Rwanda. He was promoted to senior advisor this year.

Before joining the World Bank, Ngirente  worked in a couple of senior positions with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning.

Ngirente holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics from the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL) in Belgium.

He also has two post-graduate degrees. One in Financial Risk Management from Facultés Universitaires Saint-Louis of Brussels and another in Agriculture Economics from UCL. He completed his undergraduate at the National University of Rwanda (now University of Rwanda) where he later worked as a faculty member.

Ngirente, was born in Gakenke district of the Northern Province, Coko sector (Former Musasa commune). He did his elementary and high school in the Northern Province as well(GS De la sale Byumba, now in Gicumbi).

The Office of the Prime Minister has the general responsibility of coordinating government action and monitoring the implementation of Government policies and programmes.

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