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Leaders shouldn’t personalise what is meant for people- President Kagame

President Paul Kagame says it is every citizen’s right to ask their what and how their resources are being spent on in to make sure they are not laid out of interest.

He was addressing his speech to Matimba and Mbale sectors’ residents during his country citizen outreach in Nyagatare District, Eastern Province.

While interacting with the deistrict residents, President Kagame said, “  Leaders shouldnt personalise what is meant for people. They are there to serve you, not take what is meant for you,” he said

“It is then your right to hold your leaders accountable for resources that should be used for your benefit. Public officials have no right to use public resources as their own”

He also cautioned residents of security, without which everything could fail to be achieved regardless of the efforts made to achieve it.

” There is still a lot to be done and we must be ready to get it done. Let us work to leave our history of poverty in the past because we are not destined to be poor. To achieve more means even more hard work and better collaboration with the relevant institutions . But remember  that security is key without which, all that we have achieved and  strive to achieve will be in vain,” he added

He added that the country, despite achievements registered in the District, still has a lot to do and that everyone should be part of the desired development achievement.

During the citizen outreach, President Kagame visited different development projects  being developed in the Eastern Province including  One Stop Border Post of Kagitumba-Uganda and the  East African Granite-processing factory  built by a consortium of investors in Eastern Province and was established in 2012.

It   is presently producing between 200 and 300 Square metre per day.

He also toured EPIC Hotel, which will address the gap in hospitality facilities in this fast-growing region, which will have cost the investors a whooping Rwf16bn when it is completed by May.

Nyagatare is one of the fastest growing regions in the country, with major economic activities being large scale farming while its big part is primarily rural with 67% of its population engaged in extensive agriculture.

It is  also among the largest milk producers in the country with 90,000 litres produced daily while 75,000 of them are sold.

At health sector,  80.1% of Nyagatare population are covered under Mutuelle de Sante.

To increase access to water, govt has rolled out a Rwf4.4bn project to supply clean water to 36.000 people by 2017.

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