Local mining firm contracted to search Petrol in Kivu

The government of Rwanda has now shown faith in Ngali Mining, being the contract winner to enter the process of petrol search in Kivu Lake.

The Ngali Holdings attached firm was approved to continue its activities to search petrol in Kivu Lake after preliminary research conducted by this company showed that there is probability that there might be petrol in the lake.

The permission was issued to Ngali Holdings, after the government failed to reach agreement  with  foreign mining companies that wanted the contract in the process as their deal enquiries were too heavy to support.

The date for Petrol search is yet to be revealed but the deal between the two parties, government and Ngali Mining, is belived close to finalized soon  and decide when the search process will start.

Kivu Lake covers 2700 square kilometres and is located between Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and holds Methane gas estimated at 55 billion cubic metres, 250 billion cubic metres of Carbon dioxide, 5 billion cubic metres of Nitrogen while the lake is belived to hold more mining variables according to Electrical Engineering World.

In 2015,  November 19, both countries, Rwanda and DRC, reached security  agreements concerning the exploitation of 60 cubic metres of Methane gas and 300 cubic metres of Carbon dioxide(CO2).

However, the Methan gas lying in this lake could be a major destroying agent to the environment of both countries if it is not exploited carefully.

The gas exploitation activities are close to be implemented soon since both countries have already agreed the way the gas will be expoited.

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