Major Dr. Rugomwa denies killing act

Maj Dr Aimable Rugomwa in a court

Major Doctor Aimable Rugomwa who recently accused of killing Mbarushimana Théogène appeared in military court located at Nyamirambo early Tuesday 13rd 2016 for provisional jail term hearing. Major Rugomwa and co-appeared civilian brother deny killing rather said he was fighting a thief who was trying to steal his.

He says that he found him (Mbarushimana Théogène) unlocking his car’s tyre and they fight each other to mean that he did not kill but defended himself from only eighteen years old boy.

Judge Major Muhigirwa Gerard lead the suspects’ identifications and asks Major Rugomwa if he agrees with the statement that he killed Mbarushimana, he said; “I did not kill or helping in Killing”.

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Through article 105 of penal code, Major Rugomwa’s attorneys said whatever he did was defence and he should not be condemned over the death. They added no verifiable facts and evidence, his home was attacked instead. “It was an aggressive attack”.

On the prosecution side, the autopsy test proved that Mbarushimana Théogène’s corpse was highly damaged on the fore head and the brain had got blasted and two fingers were cut_ all to show that he (Mbarushimana Théogène) suffered a long before he passed away.

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Major Rugomwa said he was shocked with the death, as he did not intend to kill him and suggesting releasing him to continue his ongoing research to help sterile women.

The court decision on temporal sentence will be pronounced tomorrow on14th September 2016 at Nyamirambo primary military court.

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1 Comment

  1. Muteteri

    09/14/2016 at 7:05 am

    Ooooh!How come, Ok all is possible Major Doctor Aimable Rugomwa might have been killed the late Mbarushimana or not- Let’s wait for the court decision,we Rwandans trust our courts, we expect fair justice to identify weather Major Doctor Aimable Rugomwa committed such crime.

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