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Malawi clears barriers on Rwanda over Murekezi’s extradition

Rwanda and Malawi have reached a signed agreement to extradite different criminal fugitives, which has recently been a serious concern for Rwanda on how ‘wanted’ Vincent Murekezi would be handed to Rwanda for taking judiciary actions on him.

Days ago, Murekezi’s extradition had been denied last week since Malawian court prosecutors had no reliable reference to which both countries, Malawi and Rwanda, could exchange suspected criminals.

Prosecutor Patrick Chilunga Chirwa explained that a lot was missing to complete the axtradition process as the agreement not regarding exhanging criminal suspects was not yet signed between both parties.

but at the moment, the reached agreement is being hailed by the Human Rights Consultative Committe (HRCC), while it has recently slammed both the Ministry of Justice and the Prosecution for failing to advise the Police on what should be based on to make a pursuit on this case.

The Committee insists that, although Murekezi, as an investor, has been influencial to Malawian economic growth, through paying taxes on his businesses, the Government of Malawi cannot feel to benefit from the money of the genocide fugitive who cost a lot of  lives and that a country like Malawi should not feel the pride of accomodating a Genocide convict, who has been found guilty following the recent court’s trial decisions.

According to HRCC, it would be a deception to the Rwandan and international community, should Malawi stand still on its decision to keep Murekezi.

The agreement signing ceremony was held at the Ministry of foreign affairs, and international cooperations, in Lilongwe, where Malawi was represented by  Minister Francis Kasasila of foreign affairs, accompanied by Justice Minister Samuel Tembenu while Rwanda’s side was represented by Justice Minister Johnston Busingye.

Asked if the agreement is going to free Rwanda to receive Murekezi extradition, Minister Busingye said that it is noiw the prosecution’s job as all barriers to Murekezi’s extradition have been addressed, according to Nyasatimes’ reports.

Malawi is home to over 5000 Rwandans, among whom 36 are reportedly suspected tov have involved in the 1994 Tutsi Genocide with some of them staying in the country’s refugee camp located in Dzaleka while others are hiding into Malawian citizens doing a variety of businesses.

Police in Malawi arrested Vincent Murekezi on December 8th, 2016 after a group of citizens in Malawi self-named ‘Concerned Citizens’ demanded the arrest of Murekezi and extradite him to Rwanda immediately for judiciary actions over suspected Genocide crimes he faces.

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