Malawi initiates investigation over accommodated Rwanda genocide suspects

Malawian government is investigating Rwandan Nationals living in the country to establish how many genocide suspects are, the decision comes after the Rwandan authorities say up to 36 more fugitives are hiding in Malawi.

Rwandan Government had requested the Malawi Government to arrest and extradite them to answer charges on their roles in the genocide, a request reported to come after the Malawi government had ignored for many years, the extradition of Murekezi.

Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Beston Chisamile told Capital fm that the government is currently investigating Rwandan Nationals living in the country to establish how many genocide suspects are.

“I don’t have much information on that but what we have done is from those claims we have launched investigations so it will be preemptive now to comment on the issue” Said Chisamile.

Rwanda genocide suspect Vincent Murekezi arrested in Malawi

He however pointed out that they have not received any official communication form the Rwandan government to repatriate the said 36 genocide suspects.

So far, the only fugitive that has been arrested is Vincent Murekezi who had early changed his identification.

Before his arrest, he was on the run for over 20 years during which time he slipped in and out of Malawi and Zimbabwe as well as other countries by using two Malawian passports with two different names that he reportedly fraudulently obtained with a forged Rwandan passport.

He was finally arrested on December 8 following pressure from Malawian citizens after he had been exposed in newspaper reports.

Human rights activists in Malawi are meanwhile mounting pressure on the Government to act on Rwanda’s request.

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