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Mayhem as Rwandan police injury Congolese refugees during demonstration

United High Commission for refugees has confirmed the Congolese refugee’s demonstration has resulted into riot hence Rwandan police have intervened with tear gas to deal with the chaos.

However, other sources claim police shot among refugees

UNCR Officer, Daniel Ionita says Congolese refugees in Kiziba camp were tired of food shortage and they are requesting to quit Rwanda for another country or return home as a faux de mieu.

Jean Claude Rwahama,Officer at MIDIMAR in charge of refugees yesterday  confirmed that most of the refugees were hurt during police intervention.

Meanwhile, Minister of MIDIMAR Jeanne d’Arc De Bonheur claims Police fulfilled their responsibility accordingly.

“They have to return to their camp. We have agreed with HCR that they will not get any aid while demonstrating “Minister said

Conglosese refugees have been staying in Rwanda for two decades.They started demonstration on Tuesday requesting proper care as they accuse Rwanda of denying access to food and medical aids.

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