Minister Kabarebe hails youth to learn from country’s past tragedy

Yesterday on December 13th 2016, the Minister of Defence Gen James Kabarebe shared his liberating history with the youth gathered in Gabiro military training camp while closing youth civic education ‘Urunana rw’Urungano’. He urged them to disentangle from the tragedy of Rwandan history since they were not involved.

Throughout his testimony, the Minister asked the youth to learn from Rwanda’s tragedy to get the real solution to Rwandans sustainable unity and development. He also shared with them difficulties they faced during liberation war while the country was still held in appalling leaders’ arms.

“I was a refugee in my own country in 1982 nearby here at Gabiro. The government of Uganda denied receiving us and at the same time and the then Rwandan’s leaders said the country had been already filled with people.” He said.

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He went on saying how they were lastly built a camp and live under High Commissioner for Refugees (HCR) donation.

“We used to sell cooking oil to soldiers in the camp but instead of paying us, they used to beat us and chase us away. Lastly, I fled the refugee camp and joined Museveni’s rebellion forces to fight for my rights.” Kabarebe added.


Minister of Defence General James Kabarebe


Through his conversation, he said all the problems that the country is facing are the results of the then bad governance. He went on saying that a big number of youth involved in destroying the country, but later on they took part in its reconstruction.

“In this room, there are children of genocide perpetrators, children of genocide survivors as a result of bad leadership. All Rwandans have in one way or another, suffered from the effects of bad leadership.”

He asked the youth in the training to keep on fighting for the country’s liberation after 22 years the war started.

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In order to show the unity as Rwandans they recruited more 1500 from the failed soldiers. We intended to work as a team as Rwandans. Lastly, the Minisiter asked the youth to work together in order to build their nation.

Minster Gen kabarebe’s testimony comes after the recent of various leaders including Minister of Sports and Culture  Julienne Uwacu, Minister of Youth and ICT Jean Philbert Nsengimana and Minister of Local Governance Francis Kaboneka among others.

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