MPs approve law governing Kiswahili as official language


Members Parliaments have approved the law making Kiswahili as new and fourth official language to be used in Rwanda, after being approved to be used in all East African Community country members.

The Law was approved on Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 at the Parliamentary House.

Rwanda, like other fellow members of East African Community, includes Kiswahili among official languages that will be used in the country with reference to article no 8 of the 2003 National Constitution, where the language in now legally approved , having seen that it is being used in other countries making up EAC.

Julienne Uwacu, the Minister of Sports and Culture, explained that the new law briefly describes how Kiswahili language is used by the community and cleared any that the country’s local language will not be affected by the introduction of this language.

Uwacu said,” We will continue to protect Kinyarwanda as the national language to keep the country’s culture,”

Since it is approved, Kiswahili is going to be used in different administrative purposes, like appearing on official documents like Passports and other documents while more efforts are going to be implemented to teach it in schools to increase quick speaking for a number business and academic purposes.

The draft law to make Kiswahili a new official language was made last in January 2017, after EAC Heads of States agreed to include Kiswahili among the languages appearing in EAC Passports.

Kiswahili is actually being used in 12 different African countries, and it is obviously growing as, when agreement is reached between EAC country members, it will start to be taught in schools.

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