Ms Rwigara, still ‘ready’ for presidential race, regardless photos scandle

Diane Rwigara is in race to win a presidential spot in the upcoming presidential elections slated for August. She insists what has recently happened to her, when her privacy photos were leaked, will never put her down but gives her strength to work harder in this heated environment ahead of the elections campaign.

She said this yesterday after she submitted the list of back up team that will help her to find signatories after she applied the documents at the National Electoral Commission (NEC) on which signatories will sign on in different districts of the country.

Daughter to late Assinapol Rwigara, the billionnaire died in road accident 2015, Diane reached NEC Head Quarters around 2PM,  in her black Benz Jeep, plate number RAB 712 R, escorted by his PR, former journalist in a public media house.

Rwigara, 35, is one of the probable candidates willing to contest for a place to be President of the Republic of Rwanda, alongside Democratic Green Party in Rwanda Chairman Dr Frank Habineza Private Candidates Philippe Mpayimana and Gilbert Mwenedata, apart from the  favorite RPF’s Paul Kagame, the ruling president.

On Wednesday, Rwigara arrived to NEC headquarters to both submit the list of those who will help him collect signatures in Different districts and asking for papers that will be used in the process of signature search in the communities countrywide, which she was given.

Asked how far she is ready for the elections campaigns, she said that everything is in line despite recent photo leak scandle but she says that she is still optimistic.

She said, “ the preparations are good, you know there have been some problems the you know, but the plan has not changed , I will be up for the August test and next June we are waiting to get signatures in different districts of the country, the program remains the same and will never change,” she said.

She also talked of the photos of hers which have recently been leaked, and whether they could have been an interruption to the upcoming elections campaign, and said,” it has not affected me anyhow. It made me stronger instead, and nothing will stop me from doing what I started.”

Asked how stronger it made her, she said she will explain it briefly in the days ahead adding that the plan is never going to change since she has all requirements allowing her to be a presidential candidate.

Asked whether what happened to her might be connected to political reasons, she insisted that she will talk about them all in future days, not later than Friday through a press release and underlined her main target is to win the presidential elections.

It is expected that candidate submission on the post of President of the Republic of Rwanda will begin on June 5th to 14th, 2017, while the confirmation of those who will be allowed to contest will be on June 22nd while the official shortlist will be announced on June 27th

The elections campaign are scheduled between July 14th to August 3rd in the country and August 2nd in the diaspora, a day before they vote on August 3rd.

After the elections, the provisional polls results will be released not later than August 9th before the final and official polls will be released on August 16th.

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