Muhanga: Cell whose offices in a pub raises concerns

People in Gasharu cell, Rongi Sector, Muhanga District in Southern Province claim that, after being destroyed by floods, their cell has shifted its offices to another small building located nearby, which they say it resembles a pub.

At the moment, the cell staff is working at the commercial building located in Birehe centre, where the National fag is laid before the office premises. Right away, there is another building in bricks, surrounded by bushes, while at the left there are other commercial buildings queuing.

There no painting into the office building, nor is there any ceiling. It consists of two small rooms, one is stored with cell documents and another reserved for public service delivery.

When Bwiza.com reporter arrived at the cell offices on Thursday, February 2nd, 2017 at 2.25pm, people were surprised to hear that a journalist comes to visit the cell, as something strange and started to tell him their emotional disappointment.

Some of the people were seated outside the offices and others crowded on a smallbench as the cell official in charge of land registration was seated before them filling files for them, there was no space, when one wanted to go out, they had to stand up to provide a way for him to pass so s/he can stamp them because the space is very small, something which people say it frustrates them, that they are not comfortable with that building which they compare it with a bar.

Athanase Murindahabi claims that the cell has no executive secretary and it is a year since the cell has been renting the offices for its staff.

“We don’t have an executive secretary, our cell is led by Nyamirambo executive secretary and we are very uncomfortable with it as we can’t find cell leaders because they have nowhere to do their work,” he said, adding that it is a year since the cell has worked in that bar-like building.

Seraphine Mukandutiye says, “It is very disappointing because when the land registration was being held at the cell’s former offices, we would all fit in the cell’s room, but now you can see some of us are outside, we are really uncomfortable”


The cell’s offices are located in the former pub’s building

Laughing loudly and feeling unhappy at the same time, they said the current cell office building was once a minor pub, others saying it no longer is a pub, while Onesphore Musabyimana said one can’t be far from right if s/he says that the cell staff do their job in the pub.

“It seems the cell staff work in a place like a bar, because this is house that a citizen is renting the cell, whose next doors are shops. And when we come to see the executive secretary, it is too difficult to find him because he is in charge of two cells,” he said.

Isaie Haguminshuti said, “In the past, it was a commercial house and it belonged to one called Prosper Nzeyimana who was also a Catholic Church servant, they were selling cheap beers, and cheap shops, you can see it is not a smart building which can’t be used for other cheap businesses”

Patrick Nyirarukumbukuzi can’t fear to say that Gasharu cell’s citizens are being treated in an unfair way underlining that the cell is considered like it is not on Rwandan soil, that local leaders remember to solve all problems when they hear that President Kagame is on his way coming to visit the District or nearby.

“We have no one to tell our issues,” he said.

Asked whether people in Gasharu cell don’t have leaders, he replied, “Who can we ask?” we are in the dark. Dou you think we would be like this if we had leaders? [Pointing to some crops, houses recently destroyed by erosion]

“Gasharu cell is out of Rwanda for sure, maybe we are not in Rwanda. There is aneed to make a follow up on this cell, our properties damaged, and be recognized that we are Rwandans as well. We want President Kagame to know that we are all Rwandans, follow this up and make sure that we were born in the same way as others”

Aimable Yangeneye Ndayisaba, the Rongi Sector Executive Secretary told Bwiza.com that he really understands Gasharu citizens’ frustrations, assuring them that they will soon get their own cell executive secretary, but insisted that the cell’s offices will remain at where they call a ‘pub’

He said “that is a temporary building that we are currently using but we are finding the solution to this problem. We will get new offices where people will be sitting comfortably”

The fact that people don’t have a permanent cell leader, Ndayisaba admitted that it is true after their [Gasharu] cell executive secretary resigned.

He said, “he wrote a letter that he is resigning going to his private business, we then took Nyamirambo executive secretary to take over the cell, besides his cell charges, but this issue is also soon end in a week as final vacancy exam results are out…so, people have no need to worry because things are going to get through”


Why the Gasharu cell shifted its offices

In April 2016, heavy rain fell and caused erosion and different muds coming from Mining sites located on Ndiza Mountain.

The rain water mixed with those muds flowed violently and destroyed a number of people’s house, the Catholic Church building, the cell building and nurses hostels. In addition, people’s crops were flooded where till now they say a number of problems they are being caused by miners represented by Simon Sindambiwe.

During that time, Beatrice Uwamariya, Muhanga District Mayor, talking to Bwiza.com, earlier said that these problems would have been solved not later than June 2016 where vulnerable people would be supported.

But we are in March 2017 and nothing has been done yet and people are still worried with the dangers that the upcoming April heavy rain could cause again.

Gasharu is one of five cells making up Rongi Sector, which is located in hillsides of Ndiza, its office building is located between Birehe and Gasenyi centers, 100 metres away from Nyabarongo river where you reach Gakenke District in Northern Province when you cross this river.

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Fred Irakoze/bwiza.com

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