Muhanga: Parents gladden as REB places all children in schools

Finding schools for children after Rwanda Education Board, REB has put the successful pupils from P6 and S3 in schools of excellence, has always been a load weighing on the shoulders of parents in Muhanga District. They currently feel at ease as REB has resolved the problem by placing all candidates of the last national exams in different schools.

Struggling here and there, under the paining work of finding schools to receive their children after the latter have failed to find places in boarding schools, such was life of parents in Muhanga District, in the aftermath of publishing results of national exams for P6 and S3 by REB.

Rose Kanyana is among those paining parents. In her domicile, in Mubuga cell of Shyogwe sector, she cannot abstain from unveiling what is on the bottom of her heart. “When the starting date for schools was known, parents could not do anything else until they found schools for children”, she said. Rose goes on expressing her thanks to REB that has managed to place all children in schools. “They put parents at ease and gave them time to get ready for the opening day”, she assures.

On his side, Joel Nsengimana, a parent from Nyamabuye sector, indicates that parents have found shelter, away from stress of children pressing them to place them in schools of their choice.  As REB has currently done this work, a child cannot put pressure on parents forcing them to find another school”, he quietly said. Moreover, Joel saluted the fact that children who have been oriented in day schools have not been placed in distant areas. “It is also facilitation for parents”, he adds.

Further, parents gladden as they will say ‘goodbye’ to paying subscription fees in nine or twelve year basic education schools as they have been accustomed to doing so. Hence, John Kagabo and Tharcilla Nema, both parents living in Cyeza sector, believe that this will even increase the number of children to attend schools. Some parents who were unable to find subscription fees will no longer have a pretext of not sending children to nine year basic education schools. “Asking subscription fees from parents of P6 unhappy finalists has been a roadblock. Consequently, unable parents were used to keep children in their domestic work”, they note.Kagabo and Nema believe that the fees will not be requested anymore as REB has solved the problem as far as the registration of children is concerned.

In addition, anonymous directors in nine or twelve year basic education schools, expect to receive a huge number of children without having to waste time in going to find them from their homes. However, they recommend REB to be more serious by not allowing anyone to transfer a child from a school to another. “If so done, our schools will bear good fruit in the coming years”, they believe.

There are concerns

Private schools on secondary levels say that they are threatened to close doors as REB puts all children in public schools. “We are about to end up here! Where shall we find children once more?” anonymously wonder some directors.

On the other side, once more, some parents raise concerns about their children who have been condemned to continue studying at schools that they qualify as bad ones. Anthony Kajyanama, one of them, speaking from Ruli cell in Shyogwe sector, expresses it in these words, “Woe on children who have been studying in those schools which hardly got three children deserving places in schools of excellence, and who are asked to stay there!”, he notes. According to him, parents should be allowed to change schools in the benefit of their children.

Moreover, some raise another challenge from children who have been placed in distant schools whereas they passed the national exams with good results, in the division I.

REB explains

Janvier Gasana, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of REB explains that children were placed in schools following the marks they got, their choice in schools, and their residences. He adds that there are children who were not given schools of their choice because there have been a large number of children who chose the same school. “In such situations, priorities were granted to children with the first results”, Gasana explains.

Furthermore, the CEO of REB is not forthright with some people who declare that their children have been placed in distant schools. “Where is farther in our country?” he asks himself. Besides, Gasana warns on transfers in schools. “None is allowed to bother or change the current placements”.

However, he explains that those placements have been processed on districts level, that all children have been placed in schools, apart from those ones who were allegedly involved in cheating during the exams. He finally indicates that any person having a relative concern should address the staff in charge of education in their district.

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