Muhanga: Uwamahoro charged with murder, handed life sentence

Court in Muhanga District, Southern Province, charged Jean Claude Uwamahoro over killing his neighbor, eight days after the incident happened in the district.

The trial was held on Thursday, August 10at the court palace in Muhanga, seeing Uwamahoro getting charged with murder after the court found him guilty of killing his neighbor whom he was chasing for keeping his cow in his field.

On July 31, 2017, the Crown pleaded guilty to Uwamahoro for committing the murder on July 23.

The murderer reportedly dropped a wooden javelin on the victim’s neck, according to the prosecution office.

The victim sheds a lot of blood and died a few moments later after he arrived home with a shock internal pain that resulted to death hours after Uwamahoro hit him that javelin.

According to the Rwandan Organic Law’s Penal Code in its article 151, concerning the intentional assault causing death,

“When the blows or wounds made willfully caused the death, the perpetrator shall be liable to imprisonment from ten (10) years to fifteen (15) years. If the perpetrator has committed such acts of violence by premeditation or by ambush, he shall be liable to imprisonment for life. ”

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