Musanze: Prisoner shot attempting to escape

A prisoner called Emmanuel Niyitegeka was shot while climbing the prison wall trying to run away from Musanze Prison located in Northern Province.

Niyitegeka,26, was serving an 18-month sentence in Musanze-based prison, but as he was attempting to escape from the prison, his plan failed to get through when a prison security guard saw him climbing the wall and immediately shot him.

The incident took place on March 11th, 2017 at 5.45 pm as life took an end for Niyitegeka who was previously charged for spoiling public crops three months ago.

Niyitegeka was born in Gakenke District, Northern Province.

It was a long time ago since the incident took place, according to CIP Hillary Sengabo, the spokesperson of Rwanda Correctional Services (RCS) talking to Igihe.

He says that another inmate who had previously escaped from Gasabo Prison, Kigali City, got caught, later.

CIP Sengabo slams the prisoner’s act of trying to escape while he had a very short term to sentence of only 18 months and urges the families whose members are in prisons to advise them to avoid trying to escape from the prison and wait to finish their sentence and go back to the community peacefully.

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