Nahimana on why Kizito has no place in his Cabinet

Last week, Father Thomas Nahimana, who recently founded his cabinet in exile, was asked a lot about cabinet members, including those who are still behind the bars as well as exiled criminals.

He was also asked why he didn’t reserve a place for Kiziti Mihigo. He was having an interview with the Swedish press, and the interview was immediately uploaded on YouTube.

Asked why he included Victoire Ingabire and Deo Mushayidi in his cabinet but left Kizito Mihigo missing out, Nahimana said Ingabire and Mushayidi are political prisoners who he calls ‘heroes’ while he insists they have a different personality from Kizito’s.

Concerning why he gave them a spot in his cabinet without first consulting them, personally, and the political parties where they belong, which led some to criticizing his way of appointing, Nahimana said he was advocating for them.

A journalist asked him why he didn’t do the same advocacy in favor of Kizito, “If it was necessary to include political detainees in your cabinet, you might have forgotten some like Dr Theonest Niyitegeka and Kizito Mihigo. Are they really not needed in the cabinet?”

In response, Nahimana seemed to ignore the question, but instead, providing the answer reflecting to Rwandan prisons, and said, “Prisons in Rwanda are home to thousands of Rwandans, who are supposed to be out and join the community to build the nation.

Some are detained without supporting files, others were sentenced basing on false and biased files; and others are still in prison while they have finished their terms, but banned to rejoin their families”

Nahimana added that he appointed only Ingabire and Mushayidi in the cabinet among thousands of prisoners in Rwanda, saying, “Appointing Ingabire Victoire Umuhoza and Deogratien Mushayidi in the cabinet operating in exile is a way to pay tribute to these innocents”

Kizito Mihigo is serving a ten-year sentence in Nyarugenge Prison since 2014, having been found guilty of conspiracy to terrorism, murder and formation of a joint criminal enterprise, the crimes he admits himself to be in connection with.

On the other side, Nahimana’s political game continues as he announced he will surely be among the candidates, to stand a chance to become the new president since current president Kagame took over in 2000, despite failing to break into the country twice.

Father Thom, as Nahimana is currently the chairman and founder of opposition political party Ishema, which is not legally recognise to  operate  on Rwandan territory.

He also owns the management of ‘LeProphete’ newspaper, publishing different articles, mainly with  content of hatred and Genocide denial.

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