Northern Province: A district getting incomes from the association assets

Burera district, one of 5 in Northern Province is currently getting rent fees from assets of APADEC, a local non-government organization, with aneducative purpose. This association built class rooms on the land given by the district, under a Memorandum Of Understanding.

“According to the contract, APADEC could not deviate the mission of education, otherwise, the district would get back the land”, says Evariste Habumuremyi, a deputy mayor in charge of economic development, in a press conference. He added “all supports received by the association belong to the local community”.

Mr Evariste mentioned that APADEC had an occupancy contract with NPD, without prior awareness of the district. That’s why NPD is now paying the district. However, the land tittle is still belonging to APADEC, buildings are the same and the contract was signed by its representative.

Arsene Dukundigena, is the Legal Representative of APADEC. He says the decision was well received by 2/3 of members, although some were not satisfied.

Legally, this income is illicit. Jean Paul Manirafasha, says “any member can claim for his/her contribution towards local jurisdictions”.

Since 2008, APADEC was holding a private school in Rusarabuye sector of Burera district. In 2015, the school enrolled few students, consequence of 9&12 years Basic Education program. The association with the district transferred those students in a neighboring school in Butaro sector. The association has 34 members, with a financial contribution of 100.000 up to 500.000 RWF each.

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Jean Baptiste Karegeya/Bwiza.com


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