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Ntamfurayishyari regrets having served ‘evil’ army

Silas Ntamfurayishyari, is one of those who survived from the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi and have rescued 18 Tutsi in Bugesera District. He says he feels very ashamed to have served the National army during the period of Genocide against Tutsi in April 1994.

In his testimony, Ntamfurayishyari says that when he was in the army since 1990, he was taught that his opponent and enemy is a ‘Tutsi’ but he felt against his compatriots’ ideology that a ‘Tutsi’ is an enemy of theirs.

However, the way he felt a ‘Tutsi’ should not be treated pushed his compatriot chasing him away to kill him suspecting him of spying for Tutsi army RPF-Inkotanyi where he escaped to from the army to save his life which was in danger since then.

He said, “I always regret that I worked for the ‘evil’ National Defense which was killing people instead of protecting them. Because of not having the same understanding with my former counterparts on Genocide ideology, made them starting to call me a spy”

He adds that he was born seeing Tutsi people facing violation wherever he would see them.

Ntamfurayishyari has rescued 18 Tutsi who were being chased where he would hide them in bushes during the day and took them to Burundi where he also exiled from  Gako camp.

Later on, he joined Rwanda Patriotic Army (RPA), and joined hands with RPF-Inkotanyi and accompanied the troops back to the country to stop the killings of Tutsi.

He says that he later  started to study, under current government support, where he completed his secondary school at 48 years of age.

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