Nyagatare: Majority of drug abuse cases involve youth under 25

Prosecution in Nyagatare reports that 236 youth mostly under 25 years of age are serving a prison sentence due to being linked with drug business deals which are heavily being operated this Eastern Province district.

In a process of burning the caught drugs during police interceptions around the district, including Waragi, Gins and Cannabis, all worth Rwf 5 million, most of the youth revealed that they have got to know the consequences of drug abuse, which cause negative and dangerous impacts to their mental health, which results to dropping out of schools and prostitution that immediately hammer their development dreams.

Parent in this district say they hardly intercept such illegal businesses done by their children because they do them in a very secret way, something which Chief Superintendent Johnson Sesonga, the District Police Officer in Nyagatere says it is a disgrace to see the country’s future generation engage in such criminal actions.

He said, “We always want to admit youth in the national Defense and police who will be helping in peacekeeping duties but they are not interested due to failing health tests because they consumed too much drugs, which are being used mostly in schools”

Emmanuel Bandora, the Vice-Mayor in charge of finance and Economic Development in Nyagatare District says eliminating and fighting drug abuse and business related to drugs remains a big challenge due to the district physical location.

He says, “the physical structure of our district favors the drug business as the majority are being imported from neighboring countries that have a different mindset on issues related to drugs and this remain a major challenge when it comes to controlling and permanently eliminating drugs”

The Deputy Chamber General assembly held in November last year, confirmed the law governing the use of drugs and related species of medicine used like drugs in Rwanda, where it also outlines clear and legal ways of using drugs and related drug medicine in order to slow down drug business and distribution and use them for only medical or academic purposes.

The law also explains that drugs and other drug species used in medical acts should be used for legal medical purposes on human and animal health in a corresponding way to the law’s content.

The law states that any alcoholic drink exceeding 45 per cent of alcohol voltage is considered a drug, as it play a big role in changing human behaviors, and negatively affect human health after consumption.

@ Fred Irakoze

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