Nyamagabe: Ambulance catches fire while on duties

Ambulance of kigeme Hospital in Nyamagabe district caught fire lately on 15 August 2016 when returning from fetching patient at Nyarusiza health centre. The emergency vehicles carried patient, nurse, caregivers of the patient together with driver, but they all escaped the incident.

Nzabonima Ephraim, the leader of Kigeme Hospital told that the car was bringing patient from Nyarusiza health centre and the fire emerged from engine of the car; fortunately no one got harmed.


The Ambulance fired completely

“Nobody got injured with the incident. Whether patient, caregiver of the patient, nurse and the driver they are all safe. They early quitted the ambulance when it started firing”. Nzabonima added the car fired completely.

The patient served by another emergency car and is being treated but car associates did not affected by the incident.

Théogène U

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