Nyamagabe: He is alleged to be his family murderer

Habinshuti François from Mushubi sector in Nyamagabe district has been in security officers’ custody after allegations of killing his mother, sister and his nephew. The scandal occurred in early dawn of 5 August 2016.

The victims are his mother Mukambuye Costasie, 72; his sister Nyiranzirora Philomène, 28 and his four years old nephew Habimana who all killed on this early Friday.

Mushubi sector executive Rugazura Philippe told igihe that Mukambuye and Nyiranzirora died of hoes attack while Habimana got burnt. He added that occurred on early Friday but nobody knows exact time.

Habinshuti and the victims said to have lived together before he atrociously murders his family mates, but other sources stated that he should have mental disorder.

The corpses taken to Kaduha Hospital however Habinshuti François has been arrested.

Théogène U

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