Nyamasheke: A lady abandons 3 kids, including a 3 months infant

Eliana Uwambaje, aged 33 is wanted over leaving 3 children alone. She was living in Kibogora cell in Nyamasheke, western province. Among abandoned kids, a female infant of 3 months.

Talking to Imvaho Nshya, the Executive Secretary of Kibogora cell reveals the woman was from Susa cell in the same Sector of Kanjongo, and was a mother daughter. She rented a house there, and used to wash laundry to survive.

“This Sunday morning, she left all kids at home, including the infant she used to breastfeed. Later on, around 2.00 pm, the infant was crying much, it was taken and given milk”.

Local leaders and citizens think of socio-economic problems behind this unhuman act, and maybe lack of assistance from the father of the infant.  Her destination and reasons are is under investigation.

Some neighbors think she might have died over suicide, or went to Kigali. However, “no other special concern on her”, says Habimana.

In the meantime, the infant is under milk feeding, at the Mudugudu’s(Chief of village), while others, two boys (aged 7 and 3) are kept in the vicinity.

Authorities warn population to be vigilant with new comers, get aware of their problems to prevent such cases. This is in line with the security measures from Nyamasheke district, by which all new comers will be registered.

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Jean Baptiste Karegeya

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