Nyamasheke: Doctor suspected over Patient Monitor theft

It is two weeks now since a Patient Monitor, usually used at Bushenge Hospital to test blood speed, heart and respiratory diseases, and a Doctor was arrested together with three nurses for investigations.

Dr Vedaste Nkurunziza, the Hospital Director, told that when the equipment missed in the hospital on the wake of March 29th, between 2am and 4 am, a doctor and three nurses were immediately arrested and taken to Ruharambuga Police Station.

He said,” it is digital equipment, which we were using testing many diseases like blood speed, respiratory diseases and heart among many others but we have no idea of how it went missing”

Dr Nkurunziza says that the equipment left a big gap in the hospital’s medical operations since it missed and a big number of patients are not getting the services it would deliver as the hospital is now is doing test operations using minor tools of less standards than the embezzled one.

He said, “It was electronic equipment which was using electricity. Meanwhile, we are using small tools to conduct simple operations on blood speed, or heart beat, but, generally, the services we were offering are now limited”

“ We are trying to find what to do, whether buying another or any other possible move although financial capacity could be a major challenge, but we have just communicated authorities in charge for before doing so,” he added.


Some patients who were benefiting from this equipment told that they could soon risk their life as they are struggling to know their health condition since they are not getting tested since it missed, while they cry for MINISANTE to do all they can to make quick reaction on this issue to save their lives.

One said, “We fear we could be in trouble since that equipment missed because we are not aware of our current health conditions because we are no longer getting services from it”

Three released, one still detained

On April 13th, the Primary Court in Shangi held the case involving all those who were in connection with the loss of the equipment and one of the hospitals employees who followed up the court proceeding told that three of the suspects were released, while one is still in the court’s hands and was handed 30 days in Prison as investigations continue.

“The one who is still held by court has the equipment’s photos in his phone, others were released and will be showing up to court once a week,” he said.

Bushenge Hospital is located in Nyamasheke District, Western Province, and it has become a provincial hospital as it offers medical services to residents of Nyamasheke, and bordering Districts.


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