Nyanza: Cows in custody, citizens are intimidated, self-added responsibilities of Executive secretary of the Sector

According to the witness from the population of Nyagisozi sector, in Nyanza District, the Executive Secretary of this sector Alfred Nsengiyumva is accused to misuse his responsibilities. Among the evidence, this Executive takes their cows into custody and intimidate  the population.

A great number of the population interviewed by the media confirmed that this leader misuse his responsibilities by taking their cows into custody, propose some of them to go into transit centers in order to show them he is powerful and has to decide on willy-nilly.

Ignace Nsengimana, the president of traders in this center,Ignace Nsengimana and a participant in different leading committees of the sector says that he did not cease to explain to the district leader that this Leader is misusing his responsibilities. He also adds: “ This leader, when he get into collusion with you, he tries himself to send you into transit center of Nyanza district in Ntyazo Sector to  revenge himself towards you”.

For Marc Hagenimana, one of the farmers in this sector, he explains that he is being persecuted by this Secretary. He also adds that this leader beat him and while he was in his home, Alfred came and damaged his bread that he was making and took him into Transit center stealfully.

According to Fidel Mutagomwa, he confirmed that he was beaten by Alfred and sent to transit center. He also adds that this Secretary was with the police officer by 3 o’clock am.

Jean Mukiza Rukema, a trader in this center says that the Executive came with the chief of the police station (Commandant)  after mid night about 3 o’clock am and took hi to  the transit center of Ntyazo sector. For him, he wrote a letter to the district in for his security.

One of the women who were there tells to the media that her child was sent to transit center he was at home with his brother. Both were sent together to the transit center but one stays at this center and no news about his life.

The land officer in this Sector reveals to the media that he was beaten by Alfred and was sent out from the meeting; a behavior that is very awkaward of a leader towards his population. The district intervened and he reported that he is going to fulfill his filed in order to be chased out from the post.

Another witness says that one of the teachers at Primary School in this sector was given a punishment to kneel down and was beaten by this Executive secretary at the presence of the pupils.

On 26 October, at this the office of this sector in the afternoon, 2 cows and 3 sheep were jailed at least during a period one month. The population explains that this is a strange act towards animals at least their owners could have been sentenced instead.

The Executive secretary Alfred Nsengiyumva, reported to the media that he is not on the possession of transit center but the District and the Police has to be interviewed.  He also argues that the entire allegation is false.

A great number of the population addressed to the media that this leader, Alfred Nsengiyumva confirms that no one can touch him because he was the colleague of the Minister of MINALOC Francis Kaboneka. They also conclude that some cooperatives were destroyed and they money that was given to buy a motorcycle were embezzled. They suggest going to contact the minister to know the relationship with Alfred Nsengiyumva or contact the president of the Republic.

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