Nyarugenge: A muslim NGO donates ten milking cows in Girinka program

Residents of Kanyinya sector of Nyarugenge district in Kigali city receive ten milking cows this Friday, from AMA Direct Aid in Girinka program. Ten cows were with their calves, and farming accessories were also given, including veterinary drugs.

AMA(African Muslim Agency) Direct Aid is a muslim NGO working in around 31 countries in Africa, involved in practical humanitarian developmental projects to restore, maintain and enhance the self-respect and dignity of the most poverty-stricken and down trodden needy people on the Continent of Africa. In Rwanda, Direct Aid works with 4 district, namely Gasabo, Gatsibo, Bugesera and Nyarugenge.

On the top of hill of Shyorongi, at Kanyinya sector garden, gather cows and calves, visitors, authorities and beneficiaries of the donation.

Vedaste Nsabimana, vice Mayer of Nyarugenge district thanks the NGO, working strait with the district as partner not sponsor. “Direct Aid is a potential partner, not like those unfair. Direct Aid helps us to achieve our performance contracts”.

On this regard, Kanyinya sector is already above 100% in Girinka, as they planned 63, but today they have 64. Niyibizi Jean Claude, Executive Secretary of Kanyinya says, “We are above 100%, while in the first half of year. Moreover, we are sure those calves will be given to other beneficiaries in 6 months”.

As the matter of facts, a milking cow insures the beneficiary to get milk tomorrow, and those on waiting list are also sure to get a cow as they see the calf.


Hacineza Pascal is among beneficiaries, from Nyarurama village, Taba cell. He is in eighties, living with her wife of 77 years old, with a granddaughter. He is thankful to President Kagame who introduced Girinka program.

AMA Direct Aid offers 40 milking cows every year, 10 in each district partner, since 2013.

Issa Bunani, in charge of Social Affairs at Direct Aid Kigali clarifies the philosophy behind milking cows. “I hope every beneficiary will get milk tomorrow, and ten other beneficiaries will get cows in six months. Though future beneficiaries hope they will get, and can by now start preparations”.

Among other works of AMA Direct Aid in Rwanda, there is a Gashora secondary school in Bugesera, accommodating orphan girls, muslim and Christians. In Gasabo, there is a nursery, primary and O’Level school at Murindi. In Gatsibo, a boarding primary school is located at Kiramuruzi. In all these schools, most students benefit from AMA Direct Aid support.


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