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Nyaruguru: Best performing teacher scoops soya award

The international Labor Day is usually shaped by employers-employees interactions and vote and reward who has so far been the best performer of the year at each of the institutions, either public or private.

It is what happened to Marcelline Undimukobwa, a teacher at Groupe Scolaire Musebeya in Nyaruguru District, Southern Province where she was give soya as part of the award.

The awarding ceremony, which was held in the school conference hall, brought together the school staff, including teachers, cleaners who all were in attendance to the annual Labor Day celebrations alongside Busanze Catholic Chhurch Parish clerics.

Arriving to school on time, effectively doing the work, were among the values that every school employee is supposed to carry in their every day job, as Father Faustin Sekabibi, the school head teacher underlined.


In general, the school sits 5th overall among the best performing schools in the district, thanks to   2015-16 National Examination results, infrastructures, cows rearing and paying Rwf 2 million debt arrears, meaning the school is debt-free at the moment.

The celebrations were shaped by interacting on what the school achieved and future plans for the school’s development. Father Sekabibi praised what the school achieved all for public interests.

The school has unveiled its achievements as it came among the best in the district in succeeding at both primary leaving and ordinary level examinations.

The school has also completed both Volleyball and Basketball grounds and presented a good harvest of beans, grass, fresh peas and potatoes grown on its farm fields.

It also grows 5 five cows, which are providing milk to feed them and manure used to increase their harvest.

Given its current financial situation, the school also has achieved in paying Rwf 2 million of debt and is facing no more arrears, with more sources of income instead.

The school plans to build more playgrounds in collaboration with the government, teachers, students and supplementary workers through Community service, Umuganda, at school.

Marceline Undimukobwa voted best performer at the school

The highly anticipated voting session of the best performing teacher finally came and saw   Marceline Undimukobwa emerge the winner ahead of fellow candidates, namely Telesphore Mugenzi, Esperance and Celestin Habimana.

She came ahead with 11 votes out of 31, Undimukobwa will be representing the school at the sector level. She told that she is happy to be recognized where the Catholic Church Parish Father awarded her soya, considered like her children’s porridge, while she’s waiting for the school’s prize and probably another from the sector.

Father Damien Yirirwahandi, the parish father, urged teachers to work harder and keep a close eye on their students’ education saying, “The children we educate are ours” and thanked teachers and the school administration for what their efforts made in reaching their achievements.

He awarded the best performing teacher with soya grains.

Other best performing institutions in Gisagara included GS Runyombyi and SACCO Jyambere Busanze.

Elsewhere, Busanze tea farmers have also celebrated what they have achieved so far thanks to the country’s good governance, and promised to keep working harder for better development in their

International Labor Day was introduced in USA in 1886, after a number of employees broke into the streets claiming for reducing working hours. It is an annual celebration which takes place every May 1st.


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