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Opposition pushing to found a ‘separate’ Government of Rwanda in exile

After twice failing to break into Rwanda ahead of August presidential election, for early campaigns to challenge the likes of current ruling President Paul Kagame and other candidates who are yet to announce their interest in becoming the president, Ishema Political party leader Father Thomas Nahiamana announced the party is pushing to found a separate Government of Rwanda in exile.

In a statement released earlier on January 23, 2017, Father Nahimana and his party compatriots were on the verge of flying to Rwanda to register their political party, ‘Ishema ry’u Rwanda’,  in the country to be allowed to play a part in the country political activities but their plans cooled down at the last minute.

The party also claims that the reason they tried to come in Rwanda was not for hunger of leadership  but to complete and launch their project called ‘Uniting country people to jointly build a developing Rwanda’

But their failure to come in the country, the party announced two crucial decisions, one being to call for justice, and another which is to hold quick discussions with all Rwandans who want revolution in Rwanda by founding the ‘Government of Rwanda working in exile’ whose target is to fight and succeed the current government working in Rwanda.

After 15 days of discussions, the political party announced that the discussions held with different people who support their political understanding were perfect and end up deciding to found a new government operating in exile.

However, some  people living abroad supported their political idea but refused to take part in this government activities, while there are others who are against the party’s proposed government.

At the conclusion of the statement, signed by Father Nahimana himself, says that he wants to let Rwandans and the International Organizations know that he will discuss with those who  support his project of founding a Government of Rwanda in exile in a meeting that will be held in Paris, France, between February 17th and 19th, 2017, with the names of the meeting participants as well as the ‘Government’ members set to be announced on February 20th, 2017.

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