Owner of Rwanda Focus Ltd Shyaka kanuma arrested over tax evasion

The owner of local English newspaper, Rwanda Focus Limited, Shyaka Kanuma, has been arrested in connection with evading taxes and a procurement-related offence through which he allegedly fraudulently won a tender in Rwanda Demobilisation and Reintegration Commission (RDRC).

Rwanda National Police (RNP) deputy spokesperson Lynder Nkuranga confirmed the arrest.

“Shyaka Kanuma was arrested on Saturday evening acting on a formal case filed by Rwanda Revenue Authority regarding unpaid taxes that accumulated over the years, among other crimes,” Nkuranga said, without giving details because the case is under investigations.

“He is currently detained at Remera Police station pending further investigations into charges brought against him,” she added.

It is said that Kanuma owes the tax body Rwf65 million, which he allegedly evaded in the last three years through varied unscrupulous means.

He is also alleged to have fraudulently won a tender worth Rwf44 million from the demobilisation commission after he used names of people he would use to execute the tender, as a prerequisite, who were not informed that they were part of the bid.

The demobilisation commission allegedly awarded Kanuma a Rwf44 million tender on the basis of “deliberate falsified information” after he used names of partners who were neither partners nor aware their names were being used.

Kanuma closed his media company, Rwanda Focus Limited, recently apparently over financial-related issues. It is alleged that by the time he closed his company, Shyaka also owed different people and his employees over Rwf18 million.

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