Pastor in hot water over President Mugabe’s death prophecy, shows no ‘Regret’ of making prophecy

Last week Pastor Patrick Mugadza officially predicted that Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe’s life could end with the year 2017, but it seems the death prediction could be reciprocal after he was arrested this Monday at the Harare Magistrates Courts.

Reports from claim that the controversial pastor was told by God that Mugabe’s life is on the line, making it clear that he could have his last breathe on October 17.

Speaking of his Mugabe death prophecy, Pastor Mugadza said: “I just want to tell you something concerning the year 2017.

“It is a very special year because of number 7 and at the same time also 2017 collides with 37 years by which Zanu PF has been ruling this beautiful nation of Zimbabwe, but something is going to be happening also, which is very critical for us to know.”

He continued: “It is not to say that I am glad to announce this but, I am just saying it because that’s what God told me.

It is reported that he could in the police hands, but he appeared claiming that he is confused of the arrest while were holding him without any charge when he was going out of the court on Monday for separate charges where he was due to appear for a trial in a case where he is charged with offences against the country’s flag which was wrapped around his neck during his one-man protests demo along in the capital last week.

In a message sent to the media via WhatsApp, Mugadza said police were still holding him without any charge but claimed to have overheard them saying he would be charged with undermining the authority of the President.

“Police arrested me right at the door when I was coming out of the Court. Right now, I am at (Harare) central police station for the prophecy I gave that the President will die in October.

“They say I have undermined the authority of the President though they have not formally charged me. I have not seen anyone yet save for arresting officers,” Mugadza told

“It was on the 26th of December 2016 when I was in prayer and God said to me this coming year 2017 the President is dying and he told me that he is dying on 17th of October, like I said earlier on that I am not happy for somebody to die but, this is something that is going to happen.

“People may ask me if what he does not die. I do not know how much he believes in prayer but he has to do something about this prophecy.”

The clergyman said if the President does what he has to do he may not die, giving reference to the biblical Hezekiah and quoting the book of Isaiah 38 which says “this is what the Lord says: Put your house in order, because you are going to die; you will not recover”

However, he says he can show no sign of regret over his prophecy saying , “I Don’t Have Regrets Making My Prophecy”, despite being arrested.

Mugadza first came to prominence in December 2015 when he was arrested for staging a one-man protest against Mugabe in Victoria Falls.

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