Police: Illegal miner and attempts to bribery arrested

Police in Rulindo is holding a man in connection with illegal possession of 28Kgs of wolfram, while in Gatsibo, two local leaders are arrested for asking to bribery.

The intercepted minerals were illegally mined in a concession in Gicumbi District, according to IP Innocent Gasasira, the Police spokesperson for the Northern region. The suspect identified as Innocent Nsengiyumva, was intercepted on Friday along Musanze-Kigali highway, he is now detained at Ntarabana police station as investigations go on.

Gasasira said the arrest was from a tip off from a concerned citizen who “suspected that the mineral carrier had no proper documentation, and indeed was true: he had no documents that permit him to move the minerals”.

Mining and transportation of minerals has procedures and regulating laws in Rwanda, mining and selling minerals is done by licensed companies or people only.

Dealing in minerals illegally is punishable with a prison sentence of up to one year and a fine of between Rwf3 million and Rwf10 million or one of these penalties, under article 438 of the penal code.

Back to Eastern province, two local leaders in Gatsibo district, who were soliciting a bribe from a resident, whose cow had been confiscated on suspicion that it was stolen.

Police spokesperson for the eastern region IP Emmanuel Kayigi said that on April 21, one Anastase Nziyumvira purchased a cow from a local market in Simbwa Cell; as he was taking it home, he was intercepted by one Jean Marie Vianney Bisanukuri, a DASSO personnel and the Village chief called Cassien Muhayimana, in Kabeza cell of Kabarore sector.

“They asked him for documents of ownership, which he didn’t have. The two seized the cow for a night as they waited for him to produce the documents identifying the rightful owner of the cow,” said IP Kayigi.

“On bringing the documents, the duo refused to surrender his cow and instead asked him to pay them Rwfs 30,000. He agreed to comply and asked for some time to find the money. That’s when he called police emergency number 112 that connected him to police in Gatsibo, who arrested them red-handed receiving the bribe,” he added.

He thanked Nziyumvira for standing up for his rights and saying no to corruption, and appealed to the general public to follow suit.

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Jean Baptiste Karegeya

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