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Police in Rwanda detains British terror suspect

Rwanda National Police has announced that they hold a Rwandan-English terror suspect in connection with different crimes, where she was arrested while on a family visit in Rwanda.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Theos Badege, told KT Press that the British High Commission in Rwanda was told of this suspect’s arrest, where, at the moment, she is allowed to be visited by her family and can receive any support from the high commission while on detention,

The suspect know by Violette Uwamahoro is married to Faustin Rukundo, with whom they are now living in London, and therefore were handed British Nationalities in 2014, 10 years since they lived there in 2004, meaning that they have double nationalities, Rwandan and British.

Police says that Uwamahoro, 39, was arrested after she was told that there are serious crimes in which she has participated, mainly by trying to approach people who join the gang rebels.

Rwandan Police, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, MINAFFET, has announced Uwamahoro’s arrest to the British High Commission where investigations on the suspect are ongoing.


ACP Badege, however, denies British reports that Uwamahoro was arrested by Rwandan military forces, claiming that the reports are fake and baseless, and said that it is that National Police who hold the suspect and that the country from which she holds the nationality was communicated of this arrest.

He added that the police could ask for collaboration with British justice in further investigations on more suspects in connection with this case, especially those who are part of this terrorism rebel in Britain basing on the proofs available found by the police so far.

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