President Kagame on what is an impeccable freedom

H.E Paul Kagame

President of Republic Paul kagame hails Rwandans especially leaders to stand for sustainable development and not misled by false beliefs from abroad superpowers who are accustomed to control countries under development includes Rwanda to follow their wish through donations.

He remarks on the annual performance contracts commonly known as ‘Imihigo’ of 2015-2016 financial year and said real leaders must collaboratively find out the solutions for country problems to assume development of each district as well as standing for each one’s responsibilities.

“There is what we repeatedly suffer on international level which becomes like coctails (mixture), Every day we suffer it but they do it for our under development countries to waste our time and make us silly,” Kagame explains the deceitful influence of superpowers.


HE Paul Kagame (center) , PM Dr Anastase Murekezi (right) and the best performers

On the freedom highlighted by foreigners, He said; “What is freedom, how should they conflicting with our desire for good governance? The first freedom for me is freedom for want_not wishing nor starving over food shortage. To be able to take your children to hospital or to school; that the freedom when you say I can provide this for myself”.

Commenting on the leaders who do not fulfill their duties, he said they need to experience team work to collaboratively promote good leadership.

“No reason to spend more successive years with imperfect result and we let it so, it is crucial to learn from last failure to make a successful present,…There are people behind who cash in on that bad performance to get lonely profit while others lose, those people do not deserve to be leader”.

According to him, leadership is not a single person duties; it is a broad scheme for leader to work together to fulfill what they were chosen for.

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