Pressure as Rwanda is accused of taking gay acts to Burundian community

People in Bujumbura on Saturday broke into the country’s capital city for strikes to put pressure on Rwandan Embassy in Burundi accusing the neighboring country to be behind homosexuality exodus in Burundi

The strikes were part of the Burundian community’s joint thankful appraisal to some of the East African Community country members’ heads of states have recently supported Burundian Government, after facing support ban from European Union during the 18th EAC General Assembly.

Issa Désiré MAZIMPAKA, the Burundian chief in Mukaza suburb, said EAC heads of states see EU bans on Burundi unfair.

He underlined that Ugandan President Museveni and Magufuli of Tanzania came up with a tough and hard decision to stop the bans taken against Burundian Government before them both, EAC and EU, sign partnership of cooperation.

He also revealed that the two heads of states and Kenyan vice-president are all aware of Burundian case and that president Nkurunziza has injected more efforts to freshen the state of governance in his country.

For him, Burundi is getting back to its feet and is not facing any serious difficulties, since security is in control.

Mpazimpaka, however, pointed at Rwanda’s interest in joining hands with some European countries, especially in controversially taking gay habits to the Burundian soil, something that Burundi remain totally against.

The reports came following Burundi’s recent accusations on Rwanda to be behind their country’s political instability and crisis after President Nkurunziza declared himself to stand another term as president, a suggestion which was immediately rejected by the Burundian opposition in vain.

However, homosexuality was not one of those accusations as it is against the Rwandan law although there are no specific penalties lined against those who commit such unlawful acts.

He conclusively praised president Nkurunziza to have reportedly chosen right men to represent the country he heads at the 18th EAC General Assembly to stand for the interests of the Burundians community before announcing that people in Bujumbura will never cease to support president Nkurunziza’s reign.

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