‘Providing services to citizens is not a favour but a duty’ – Says Kagame

President Paul Kagame, the chairman of Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) yesterday called on the leaders to put before the interests of the citizens instead of thinking of providing worthy services is a favour to the residents.

The call made during RPF Political bureau meeting held yesterday in Kigali convention Centre, the meeting that brought together close to 2,000 party leaders at the national level, grassroots, private sector and the Diaspora.

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President Kagame acknowledged the progress the country has achieved in spite of a long way still to go in order preserve what it has achieved. This would be achieved through the commitment of the leaders and the commitment to serve the citizens.

“No one leader here can be more important than the nation they serve. Some leaders get drunk on praises and start to believe their interests are above the nation they are meant to serve,” Kagame said.


Min. of defence Gen James Kabarebe and Min. Agriculture Dr Gerardine Mukeshimana attended the meeting

“Public service is about serving people and the country. Providing services to citizens is not a favour but a duty.” Kagame highlighted.

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The President called on the cadres to address the challenges the country faces, with the same level of sacrifice that characterised the men and women who liberated the country 22 years ago.


Senate Tito Rutaremara and Min. of foreign affairs Louise Mushikiwabo

He reminded them of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to put the country where it is today, saying the cause for which they paid with their lives should not be taken lightly.

The Rwandan Patriotic Front, RPF Inkotanyi is the ruling political party in Rwanda; led by President Paul Kagame. The party has governed the country since its armed wing ended the Rwandan Genocide in 1994.


The first objective of the RPF-INKOTANYI is to restore unity among Rwandans, so that all Rwandans may love their country and have equal opportunities and rights as any other Rwandan by complementing each other in ideas and activities.

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