Public warned against driving without documents

The public have been cautioned against driving without a license or other required supporting traffic documents like log-book, insurance and mechanical inspection certificate.

The call follows an incident on December 6 in Huye District where a man, who attempted to deviate after a traffic post, ended up involving in an accident although he and another person on board escaped with minor injuries.

Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Emmanuel Kabanda, the spokesperson for the traffic and road safety department, said that the driver of the vehicle registration numbers RAB 351A was later found to have know licence, neither a car logbook, insurance or other documents.

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“The person, who was driving the vehicle was asked to stop for usual traffic checks and control, that because he knew he had no document, he decided to speed off leading to an accident. Police is on the road to ensure people’s safety, which should be abided,” CIP Kabanda said.

He advised the general public to utilise the available eased means to acquire a licence and always ensure that the vehicle has all the required documents before hitting the road.

“We are all bound by the responsibility to ensure the safety of the people on the road by respecting road safety standards.”

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