Reactions upsurge over corpses of shot Burundians in Rwanda

Rwandan government through Bugarama leaders in Rusizi district, yesterday gave back the corpse of two Burundians Niyonkuru Fidèle and Nyabenda Jérémie who shot dead by Rwandese soldier trying to intrude Rwandan side during the night. The deceased Burundians received by Mayor of Cibitoke.

The corpses were taken to Rukana hospitals in Rugombo district for autopsy operation before burying and the people’s revealed grievance about the deed.

“I knew Rwanda and Burundi were early good neighbours, whoever defies would apologize. Since Rwandans do not apologize themselves, we shall not collaborate,” one citizen reacts warning her counterparts to not revenge.

Other Burundians suggests to not enter Rwanda for security purpose, “No Burundian ought to rejoin Rwanda, let them stay with their country as well as we remain with our Burundi till they will approach for apology over our dead people”.

Mayor of Cibitoke province, Joseph Iteriteka implores the family of dead people to wait for ongoing investigation about the deed.

Niyonkuru Fidèle and Nyabenda Jérémie shot by Rwandese soldiers on 31st August 2016 early night when intruding with aubergine.

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